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Nurse Aide II
The Nurse Aide II Course is designed to train individuals to perform more complex nursing skills and offer career advancement for Nurse Aides listed on the Nurse Aide I Registry. The Nurse Aide II performs more complex nursing skills with emphasis on the following: Role of the Nurse Aide II, Oxygen Therapy, Sterile Technique, Wound Care, Suctioning, Peripheral IVs, Urinary Catherization, Feeding Tubes, and Ostomy Care. Also included in this course is the introduction of phlebotomy procedures and ekg monitoring, allowing the individual to work as a Patient Care Technician in hospitals.

Successful completion of this program allows the student to apply for listing on the North Carolina Nurse Aide II Registry.

Completion of this program allows the individual to be eligible for the National Certification Exam for a Patient Care Technician, through the National Healthcareer Association.

Total Hours: 175
Course Fee: $500

Course Fees includes background check, drug screen, and student insurance.

Prerequisites for registration are:
    -Must have an unofficial copy of one of the following:  High School transcripts, College               Transcripts, GED, or Equivalency.

     -Must be listed on the NC Nurse Aide I Registry following completion of a STATE                         APPROVED NA I PROGRAM


Nurse Aide II Competency Exam

   Per the North Carolina Board of Nursing- The Nurse Aide II is eligible for competency assessment in one of two ways:
         1.The Nurse Aide II must have been eligible for renewal of Nurse Aide II Listing prior to the listing                          expiration.
                >The Nurse Aide II must have worked at least eight (8) hours for compensation during the past 24                        months performing nursing care activities under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.
                >The Nurse Aide II must have no substantiated findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of                           funds on the DHSR Nurse Aide Registry.
         2.The Nurse Aide II has had a continuous period of 24 months during which nursing care activities were                 not performed for monetary compensation, but patient care activities were performed for                                     compensation.
    **If the Nurse Aide II does not meet either of the above criteria, an entire Nurse Aide II course must be                 completed.

Prerequisites:  Must have current NC listing on the DHSR Nurse Aide I Registry

Course Fee: $100 

*All course descriptions are subject to change, please see course catalog for most up to date information.