Healthcare Education
Student Testimonials

"Loved the teachers and the environment. They really made you feel like a big part of a family. Love it"

             "I had the best time, attending class, the instructors are so                   knowledgeable and fun. It's really a great place to learn the                   necessary skills for real world application."

I "Love everyone and everything about cfl. The staff is amazing. I would recommend to everyone! They actually care about the people they teach and work with rather than just saying what to do and pushing through them through the class. They are there hands on and helping for everything!"

"I really liked this program and the instructors. Class was always fun and the instructors were very knowledgeable. Phlebotomy was my favorite!."

"I liked the way the instructor tried to help and make sure everyone knew the material being taught."

"I loved the program and I loved the experience that we got at during clinicals we got a lot of hands on experience. The program taught us a lot of things that we can carry on into our future jobs as CNA IIs".

"I enjoyed everything about the Nurse Aide program it is by far a great experience"