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IV Certification

IV Certification

The I. V. Certification class is for health care professionals to learn or refresh their skills to
properly insert an I.V. catheter. I.Vs may be used in fluid replacement and medication
administration in hospitals, clinics, and urgent care offices. Students will complete simulated I.V. catheter insertions in the lab.

Upon the completion of this course, the student should be able to:
• Identify upper extremity venous anatomy and physiology
• Identify the legal role and requirements for IV administration
• Correctly choose catheter and add-on device selection
• Demonstrate tourniquet techniques
• Identify veins adequate for cannulation
• Identification of common problem vein and skin conditions
• Pre-venipuncture preparation to improve vein access success
• Site cleansing
• Venipuncture techniques for success in “difficult sticks”
• Visualization aide devices
• Techniques to avoid artery and/or nerve damage
• Simulate insertions in a lab

This is a certificate-level course.

Total Course Hours: 6

Course Fee:$150

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