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Students were asked "Please give a brief description of what you liked or disliked about this program and what you would change."

I love the way she teach us as students so we are able to understand and pass any test needed. She goes above and beyond for her students and make sure we don't leave the classroom without fully knowing all the material. She not only prepared us for the test but she prepared us for the real world. I would reccomend her to anyone who wants to work in the nursing field. Tanya is a excellent teacher.
11/7/2014 8:50 AM 

Tanya was an amazing instructor and broke things down to make them better understandable. I loved how we started from the get go with hands-on stuff instead of just sitting and learning from the book. I feel super prepared for my state exam.
11/2/2014 8:34 PM 

I loved the environment, the knowledge that was passed down, and the steady humor amongst the instructor and her assistant.
10/31/2014 6:19 AM 

I'm very happy with the class that I'm attended instructor very knowledgeable and all staff is very friendly and very helpful happy with everything
10/31/2014 3:40 AM 

I loved the instructor.; very caring and thorough in her teaching. Very hands-on.
10/30/2014 8:53 PM

I liked the fact that Tanya cared for our success
6/12/2014 10:34 AM 

I really like the way to teach it all it was very straightforward and straight to the point and easy to understand the material wasvery knowledgeable and it was very helpful getting ready to work in the medical field as a CNA
6/6/2014 5:43 PM 

I liked how We were able to have one on one time with Tanya.
6/5/2014 7:06 PM 

I like every part of it, English is not my first language but I did understand my Instructor very well. they took time to explain you, what you have to know, I enjoyed the class. and learned some good stuff to work with.
6/5/2014 3:50 PM 

Very laid back and relaxed and we were taught both "real world" and state board.
2/24/2014 4:13 PM 

I enjoyed the class. It went fast for me though, mainly because I'm so slow!!
2/18/2014 4:15 PM V

The class was clear and very straightforward. Any uneasiness regarding the exam was most likely due to nervousness.
2/15/2014 5:41 PM 

Everything thing was great wouldnt change anything.
2/15/2014 3:48 PM 

Class material was easy to understand and I liked we took lots of quizs.
2/15/2014 2:36 PM 

Tanya was so easy to talk to and really explained everything we needed to know. She always encouraged us to practice so that we would be prepared.
11/5/2013 2:04 AM View respondent's answers

I wouldn't change anything about the program. Everyone was nice and caring. You have a lot of time to practice even though the class goes by fast. It was a fun and great experience that I enjoyed.
11/2/2013 6:11 PM 

How Mrs Keisha was always so willing to help and also the loving family environment
9/29/2014 10:04 PM 

I liked the hands on experience the most, Keisha made everything very clear and she helped anyone as much and as often as needed. I wouldn't change anything about the class, I feel extremely well taught and ready to take what I learned and apply it at a job!
9/29/2014 9:26 PM 

I loved the teacher, Ms keisha. she was always there to help when you needed it and made you feel comfortable. If I could change something I would have class twice a week.
1/1/2014 12:41 AM 

I liked how approachable Keisha was. If any of us expressed a concern she handled it immediately. She was very knowledgeable which made learning the material easier. If a question came up from reading the text I knew if I sent her a text she would respond, or even an email I would get a response.
12/31/2013 8:30 PM 

I liked the small classes because you were able to create a relationship with the instructor and the students. It was a very comfortable place to be in as far as I felt safe and wasn't embarrassed to ask questions. The only thing I would change would be to go over some of the text in class like a brief talk about the chapters.
12/31/2013 12:39 PM 

I liked everything about this class! We always had a good time and I never felt pressure while I was doing my work. Very relaxed.
10/16/2013 7:41 AM 

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